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Scarifiers & Aerators

Tackle the moss  and thatch in your lawn with one of our award winning scarifiers. We have a large range to select from, petrol and electric, to help you achieve a lush lawn.

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Lawn mowers

A Full range of lawn mowers for all types of lawn & garden. Petrol, Electric and Cordless machines. Free delivery & Oil.                                               

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Petrol & Electric chainsaws from the main manufacturers for log cutting to major tree work. All at great value for the home owner and professional.

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Quality, Reliability and Performance.

This is what we aim to provide to all our customers.

We sell quality products that are great value for money and can be relied upon to provide the performance to complete the task they are designed for.
All our products have full spares back up. We have a showroom and workshop for the customer who likes their machine handed over built ready to use.
If you do have need to contact us we are only a phone call away.

We like our customers to be satisfied, so please call for advice or help.

Customer Testimonials

  • Ego LM1903E 

    The product indeed is very great!
    I thank you for the wonderful support for my purchase.
    Kind regards,
    Jay Jain
  • Efco 98L / 14.5KH  

    This is an amazing machine and probably the best thing we have purchased for many years.  The lawn is looking better than it ever has, we don't have to worry about clippings and we can cut the grass as and when convenient by simply driving around the lawn.

    Against the cost of paying someone to mow the lawn we estimated that the Efco was going to pay for itself in around two and a half years.  The challenge was selecting a machine that was easy for my wife to operate, not only from a driving point of view but also disposing of the cuttings.  The idea of a mulcher was therefore very appealing and, combined with the drive system, the Efco EF98/14.5 seemed the best choice.  What we were completely unprepared for however was just how good it was going to be at everything it did.  Starting, operating and general driving proved to be exceptionally easy but it is the mulching that really sets this machine apart.  If the first pass leaves any visible clippings we simply go over it once more and the clippings disappear.  It really is amazing that the grass disappears into the lawn so my wife has no worries about disposing of the clippings, plus of course the clippings are being returned to the lawn to help feed it.

  • DR TR4 Premier Plus Wheeled Trimmer.  

    Ordered Friday late afternoon and machine was delivered 9.30 Monday morning. Outstanding service and a very competetive price. Machine is everything I hoped for, cuts down all the weeds, brambles and nettles in its path. Highly recommended.

  • AL-KO 38E Scarifier 

    Very effective both as a scarifier and rake.  Recommend it!  Control of power cable is a little awkward but otherwise no criticisms after two days use.


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