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You might need to trim borders, tidy your garden or clear undergrowth: for each one of these tasks you can always find just
the right Efco brushcutter. With the technical specifi cations best suited to the job in hand. Efco brushcutters are fitted with
specially designed engines, characterised by high torque even at low RPM. Also worthy of mention are the self-lubricating
bushings and ergonomic handles designed to provide maximum operator comfort; additional features such as the oversize
clutch, steel drive shaft and two-ring piston make these machines a safe, dependable and durable workmate
Technology and feature used on different models accros the range.
Steel drive shaft and two-ring piston: a guarantee of longer life (DS 2800, DS 3200, DS 3800,DS 4300, 8460, 8530, STARK 44,STARK 42 BP).
Burn Right models equipped with catalytic converter, ensuring significant reduction of pollutant emissions and observance of the most stringent environmental standards.
Transmission with self-lubricating bearings designed to minimize vibrations for greater operator comfort.
Adjustable anti-vibration system allowing adaptation of ergonomic machine features (handles, harness) to any height and build of operator.
Filter support with anti-backflow element (Emak patent): prevents the filter from becoming fouled by fuel and guarantees longer operation between filter maintenance procedures.
User-friendly starting system that ensures smooth engine pick-up with no kickback and a limited number of pulls.
Ergonomic handle featuring innovative and patented solutions designed to give a secure and permanently comfortable grip.
New bevel drive attached by way of M10 male thread: improved strength and simpler removal / replacement of cutting tool (DS2800, DS 3200, DS 3800, DS 4300,8460, 8530, STARK 38, STARK 44,STARK 42 BP).


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