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Oleo-Mac hedge trimmers are perfect for hedge & shrub cutting in confined or hard-to-access spaces. A range of models offer a guarantee of versatility and efficiency. Oleo-mac electric hedge trimmers are practical and manoeuvrable tools, ideal for maintenance and cutting of small hedging plants. Quiet and lightweight, these tools are perfect for jobs in residential areas. The petrol engine hedge trimmers are designed for private users who need to tackle large size hedges, and also for groundcare professionals. Standard length and long reach versions to tackle hedges of all sizes & heights. Designed for intensive and continuous use, these models offer guaranteed power and precision.

Oleo-Mac is attentive to your comfort. That's why our hedge trimmers are equipped with a 180° swivelling handle for the utmost practicality, allowing users to reach the most difficult areas of the hedge more easily with the tool positioned at an angle, also for working alongside walls. The double safety switch and the structure in impact resistant material are designed to safeguard the operator and the tool. In addition, various standard features, such as the Primer control, ensure easy engine starting even in cold conditions. Working on uneven and steeply sloping ground or on tall, dense vegetation: no problem for Oleo-Mac shaft hedge trimmers. Designed for decisive trimming and pruning operations, these models are equipped with a double-edge blade adjustable through 180° with 12 intermediate positions. The tool offers a firm grip and the guarantee of a comfortable operating position.
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