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Robotic Lawnmowers

Latest Technology, High Quality

Our Robotic lawnmowers come in different sizes - For Small & large lawns 
Time saving technology for cutting the grass. The brands we stock are 
reliable, easy-to-use with options for all sizes of lawns


Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic Lawnmowers are easy to use with durable batterys and motors. Efficient cutting decks with single or twin blades always delivers perfect results for a healthy lawn.  All have cutting height adjustment for the prefect cut. Choose a model for the size of you garden.

The Robot mower is guided around the lawn by hiden wire with the mower wotking out the best cutting path to cover the whole lawn. Charging stations come with the machines and some models retunr by them self if it starts to rain or you can program what time they come out to work.

  • Alko
  • Efco
  • Cobra
  • Mitox
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