The new Efco   Brushcutter range for 2014

Efco DS2200 & DS2400 Brushcutters

The new range sets a new benchmark in the brushcutter category. Efco’s DS2200 S – DS 2400 S & DS2400T brushcutters  are best in class in terms of power/weight ratio.

The strength of the DS 2200 S – DS 2400 S & DS2400T brushcutter lies in their power/weight ratio, which is unequaled on the market, combined with exceptional ease of handling, compact geometry, Italian style design and a series of technological advancements that ensure high performance and reliability over time. The machine runs for 50 mins on one tank of fuel and is very clean burning helping to a cleaner environment.

A two-year warranty for home or commercial use is included.  The machines come with a harness, brush blade on the DS2400, all have the Load & Go head  with twin line bump feed which can be refilled  with out undoing any of the head, no tools are needed.