March is the time to start preparing the lawn for healthy growth throughout the year. Scarifying and aerating the lawn allows nutrients and lawn treatments to penetrate the grass roots encouraging strong growth. But which machine will do the best job for your lawn?

Petrol or electric? well it depends on the area and whether you have access to a socket. A petrol scarifier will give you more freedom to move around the lawn and provide more power. Efco and Alko make strong reliable machines with solid and swing type metal tines which will get right down into the thatch and grass roots, clearing out dead grass and moss while slitting the soil to encourage root growth in the grass and getting that spongy feel out of the lawn. Solid tine machine are use at the start of the year and at the end of the year.

The AL-KO combi care scarifier range has two interchangeable cassettes on both the petrol and electric models. The solid tine working as described above while the spring tine cassette can be use throughout the year. It will remove the dead grass and debris from the lawn without penetrating the soil. This will stop the build up of thatch and control fungal problems during the cutting season.

Lawn scarifiers and aerators